Choosing the right managed print services provider depending on your needs will allow you to produce large quantities of prints or documents efficiently and save time and money in the process. Of course, cheaper services are not always the best way to go, as you may end up with bad prints. Before selecting a managed print service, here are some steps to take to ensure that you find the right balance between high quality and cost-effective.

Compare Costs

Since there are no one-size-fits-all packages, managed print services are highly customized to your business needs. You’ll want to put together some basics about what services you need before contacting any service providers.

Things to consider include the volume of prints, when you will be needing them, the material to be used, and even how much color ink your design will need. Don’t settle for the first quote that fits your budget. Asking for quotes ahead of time will allow you to check with more suppliers and find the best price. You can ask for sample prints and include those in your comparisons.

Create A Production Estimate and Plan

Rush jobs cost extra, so strategic planning can really help you cut back on costs without sacrificing quality. Plus, by creating your estimated print or copy volume, you can forecast printing expenses in the coming months and create backup plans in case of difficulties with the production or any other issue you may face during your next printing runs or projects.

Scheduling your prints and orders ahead of time will also allow you to save some money and even get discounts as rushed orders will cost you more. If you’re about to place your first printing order, take that opportunity to learn about all cost factors. Some examples are equipment, materials, and the quantity needed.  A larger corporation printing thousands per day may charge you a bit more for smaller orders. So, if you have lower volume demands, consider working with a company that is used to dealing with smaller orders. Use this information to create pricing estimates and even compare costs in the future.

Learn How to Negotiate

This may not work for every managed print service provider out there. However, learning how to enter into a negotiation alone can help you work with the company in coming up with the best deal or package based on your needs.

Talking with managed print service providers will also help you find the quality you want for your prints. You can even negotiate and strike a long-term deal with a certain vendor if you’re going to be requiring their services more than once. Becoming a loyal customer may give you first dibs on special offers and the ability to strike even better deals in the future.

Printing Getting Too Much To Handle?

Is your printing production getting more demanding every day? It might be time to consider managed print services. Contact us to see how we can help.