Managed Print Services

Reduce costs and eliminate waste in your business by analyzing one of the most undocumented expenses in corporate America… Printing

What is a PrintAudit?

The PrintAudit is not a physical product. It is a business relationship between us and you to manage the cost of printing and optimize your printing environment.

How does it work?

First we analyze your current printing infrastructure then optimize your print environment. Slow, paper-based processes are automated into digital ones. Finally, we continuously monitor your printing to save you time and money.

Is it right for me?

Reducing the cost of print and its environmental impact is important for all sizes of business. Why not give us a call to arrange a FREE PrintAudit™ and start saving today!

Turn your workflow…into cash flow!

To achieve greater financial control, you need to know your true costs, not just estimations. It starts with the Century PrintAudit.

Century will evaluate your company’s workflow over a 30-day period. It’s all done without interrupting your day-to-day business. Before offering solutions, we determine your real paper-based expenses. We want to understand the purpose of the information generated, as well as where and how it’s delivered. Then we find ways to improve the process and reduce the expense of each step. Like determining whether the information even needs to be on the paper in the first place.

We focus on reducing expenses while looking for the most efficient way to create distribute, store, and retrieve your company information that currently exists on paper. Our proprietary method of analysis will help you identify and eliminate waste. To realize new savings, you may need to change a few old habits. But some solutions are so simple you can start immediately.

The Century PrintAudit.

You will barely notice it happening, but you will notice results. The proprietary Century PrintAudit works behind the scenes, so your workflow won’t be interrupted in the slightest. We quickly spot inefficiencies and overlap areas, then offer simple, streamlined, alternatives. The intent is not to drastcally change th eway that you work. It’s really to help make your work easier and more profitable. That’s what we made the PrintAudit easy, too.

Here’s what our PrintAudit does:

  • Identify workflow areas where valuable dollars are wasted on inefficient technologies
  • Implement new technologies to reduce workflow redundancies and improve employee productivity
  • Define and eliminate waste factors, such as duplicated communication methods
  • Uncover bottleneck areas
  • Develop a master plan to manage all document-related expenses

Century is a different kind of managed print services company – we offer custom-fit client-specific solutions, ongoing services, technology independence and much more. Every business is different – and so is every Century partnership. Using our In-Depth Assessment of your managed print services needs, we create a custom-fit program that allows people, processes, and technologies to work together seamlessly and achieve your organization’s goals.


So What Next?

Give us 30 days! Just give us one month to examine your workflow and make recommendations. Then follow our recommendations to achieve results. See for yourself – request your Century PrintAudit™ today!