Century helps you make fully informed decisions about students’ progress, as well as administrative and career actions. We use process management to help information flow more efficiently throughout your organization. You also benefit from better tools to manage paper-based data, and your staff can connect to student information anytime and anywhere.

With Century Managed Technology Solutions, you can streamline your everyday business processes. Your team spends less time managing student data and administrative tasks, so you can get back to the business of education.

Our culture of inquiry, collaboration, and customer responsiveness translates into solutions that help educational institutions of all types and sizes. Find out how our innovative technology can help you.

Let us help your school, college, university or business school eliminate barriers associated with managing HR-related documents, student registration, enrollment and financial aid, while protecting confidential student information to comply with privacy mandates. We can help you deliver measurable improvements in operational efficiency and get the most relevant information to complete your daily work, whatever your role, wherever you are.

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Community High School


Print Release

Create a shared printing environment for faculty and staff that’s cost-effective, secure and sustainable

Workgroup OCR

OCR document scanning lets you easily convert paper documents into editable, searchable digital files

Scan to Sharepoint

Easily upload paper documents directly into Microsoft SharePoint with MFP scanning and indexing


Advancement Services

Enable your advancement office to reduce workflow bottlenecks and simplify the management of documents relating to donors and prospective donors.

Departmental Solutions For Higher Education

Business office solutions for Higher Education to improve workflow and reduce manual tasks in daily business routines in the business office, financial aid, student services and more.

Core Facilities Management

Simplify the scheduling and management of shared resources across scientific research facilities. This improves efficiency and ensures your entire group is compliant with federal reporting regulations like NIH.

Enrollment Services

Simplify enrollment processing, make financial aid award decisions quickly, speed student registration changes, support FERPA compliance and streamline credit evaluations from transcripts.


Efficient and cost-effective way to maximize faculty time with workflow technology that can help manage student advisory, academic meetings, course preparation and research projects.

Student Life Services

Authorized users in student health, residential life and other departments can quickly access the information needed to answer students’ inquiries.


Workflow Solutions

Our workflow solutions make it easier to collect, retrieve and store relevant information in educational institutions and school districts.

Departmental Solutions

Business office solutions for K-12 to improve workflow and reduce manual tasks in daily business routines in district business offices and across school organizations.

Public Schools

Securely manage HR related documents, streamline student registration, protect confidential student information to comply with privacy mandates and keep accurate records for Individualized Education Programs (IEPs).