Managed IT Services

Ensure Security, Stability, and Scalability with CBS Managed IT Services

What is MITS?

MITS allows businesses to delegate their IT operations to an expert third-party organization that specializes in handling these responsibilities.

How does MITS Work?

CBS will analyze your environment and with your involvement will perform a total cost of IT analysis. This will include many items – some of which are IT support, lost productivity, and downtime. This is followed by an IT Audit.

Is it right for me?

Reducing the cost of IT is important for businesses of all industries and sizes. Give us a call to arrange a FREE ITAudit and get started with MITS today.

The IT Expertise Your Business Needs

The infrastructure and end-user support provided through MITS deliver the expertise your business needs to maintain efficiency and manage information security. In addition to day-to-day support of hardware and applications, MITS delivers access to comprehensive IT reporting – enabling informed technology purchasing decisions and reducing the impact of downtime, plus the risk of information loss or theft from malicious hacking.

Comprehensive Support for Your Team – 24/7

MITS is your outsourced IT department, closing the skills gap by providing a 24/7 service that supports your existing team in their roles as they concentrate on running your business. You are able to scale the level of management depending on need. And they are free to focus on everything that helps your business grow.

Empower Everyone to Deliver the Best Possible Service

MITS offers the reassurance and back up of local and remote support for all employees, so their jobs can be completed more efficiently and without IT issues. By making a proactive approach across your entire business, everyone is empowered to deliver the best possible service – with the expertise of certified analysts who can perform any fix, and the support of a partner who understands your unique requirements.

The Benefits of Using CBS Managed IT Service

+ Enable your business to maintain information security & manage operational expenditure

+ Close the skills gap with a 24/7 service that supports your existing team around the clock

+ Empower every employee to deliver the best possible service, without worrying about IT issues.

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